Thursday, December 20, 2012

Running Songs and Christmas Days

Christmas Time is Here, but I haven't been doing much Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree. Even so, songs have run through my head today, reminding me It's Christmas.

I awoke to a Marshmallow World, a snow globe newly shaken. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, the first snow of this winter. 

Normally this would make my sisters and me cheer, "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!", but we kept quiet today. My dad had a flight scheduled. After a week of work across the country, he was coming home. Looking outside this morning, however, travel looked hardly appealing, let along possible.  

Dentist appointments, however, had us girls piling into the car (seeing as we couldn't catch a Sleigh Ride), and braving the Winter Wonderland. Though the wind and check-ups didn't leave us feeling that it's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, we arrived home safe and cavity-free. 

By now the snow had stopped, and the sun was smiling through the icy air. Bundling up, my sisters and I headed out to shovel the driveway full of Winter Snow

Then the phone rang and brought tidings without comfort or joy. It was my dad. A flight cancelled. Another night spent in a hotel. But, yes, we'd be able to exclaim "You're Here" to him tomorrow afternoon, thanks to an incredibly early flight in the morning.

Back indoors, I finish making my Christmas gift for my dad. Next my mom tackles the roads once again to take Youngest Sister to a birthday party for one of her friends. A weird evening follows, only three out of five present at the table. We weren't exactly feeling the Joy to the World

And then comes another call. It's no Carol of the Bells either. It's my dad saying that his connecting flight from Denver to us has been delayed eleven hours. This puts him arriving home sometime past 2:00 A.M. Saturday morning. 

My dad's no singer, but I'm thinking he could sing a stirring rendition of I'll be Home for Christmas. My mom, sisters, and I might even be able to pull out an All I Want For Christmas Is You

And in the midst of this, as well as events more mundane and others more exciting, I find myself trying to live up to this season. To focus on The First Noel, the Jesus Born on This Day. To be productive and pensive and prepared. 

And then I feel comforted to remember that He didn't arrive on a Silent Night. His earthly parents welcomed Him into the world away from their home, in a stable in Bethlehem, in the midst of a bunch of animals. They were long past plan B. They were safely lost in trusting God's plan, simply being available for what He had in store.

He came and He lived up to perfection 
so that we can live where we are with peace.

We're all a little like stables, with dirt and noise and dilapidation. And the wonder of Christmas? Jesus  came to make stable hearts His home. By admitting our own messiness and simply, humbly being available, the Savior of the world came to fill us with light and a purpose. 

So good to remember the beauty of brokenness. To observe the Heaven Everywhere. To take time and simply adore the baby. I can relax in knowing that He has the whole world in His hands, watching over my dad and his travel, as well as my heart.

Though it's not The Night Before Christmas, I think I may have Christmas Dreams

Praying that you Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas~ Megan 

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tinuviel said...

Witty and wise all at once! I'm sorry about your dad's delay. That must be such a disappointment, but I pray he returns home safely soon. Blessed Christmas!