Monday, December 31, 2012

Sweet Sixteen and a Thousand Gifts

Hello last day of 2012!
You, dear year, have been quite exciting and full of growth.
This was evidenced well on Saturday. 
I had my sixteenth birthday,
And was surprised with a roller rink full of family and friends!

There was even an assortment of beautiful balloons in the deal! 

Later (with the comparatively smaller group of my mom, dad, and sisters) I enjoyed my first ever carriage ride around the city. . .

See the wheel theme? :)

Strawberry cake ended the day fittingly sweet. . . 

And today? 
It was exciting too, with snow deciding to fall. 
I attempted to take pictures of the flakes. . 

Then my sisters and I enjoyed the wonderland in our backyard. . . 

Today also happens to be a Monday.
And, though the time is always right for gratitude, it is nice to participate in Multitudes on Monday on the day it specifies. . . . 

989. candlelight Christmas Eve service

990. afternoon enjoying Christmas decorations, trees, and lights in the city

991. gift giving and opening 

992. going bowling for the second time this year

993. reorganizing/decorating/expanding Barbie World in the basement

994. seeing the movie Parental Guidance at the theater (really enjoyed it!)

995. my mom finding chai scones to make for my birthday breakfast

996. surprise party! sweet family and friends celebrating with me

997. my parents giving me a fountain pen 

998. full, golden moon

999. big, beautiful snowflakes

1000. a new age and a new year

This year has shown me the beauty and freedom that comes with Giving All to God, trusting His Grace, and allowing Him to spread what I have. 
Spread it around dance and school, gratitude and art. 
And, despite growing responsibilities and varying busyness, there has always been enough. 
Extra, in fact. 
When contemplating my name for this new year, another g word came to mind. 
Gather the beauty and freedom, the over-flowing extra.
I am excited for what 2013 holds! 
Blessings~ Megan

1 comment:

tinuviel said...

Happy birthday again, Megan!! It's a pleasure to read this cheerful post.

Regarding your word for the year, do you know Amy Carmichael's book "Thou Givest, They Gather"? If your mother doesn't have it, it's available on Amazon. One might compare it to a "Jesus Calling" of the early 20th century. It might be of interest to you as you gather whatever graces God has in store for you this year.

Grace and peace to you in Jesus for this new year and always.