Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Hilton Head Island,

Your sandy beaches warmed my toes, 

Your wildlife kept me guessing,

Our mornings moved at a delicious pace (oatmeal and cereal decorating the table some days, eggs and cinnamon rolls the others- tea and orange juice were constants :),

Your skies burst with color,

We got to explore you on bikes,

We admired the names of your streets (a few favorites- Whistling Swan, Spotted Sandpiper, and Mockingbird Lane),

Your waters are truly lovely,

You coaxed us to play tennis, 

You even offered time for reading,

Our paradise was only interrupted once- the last night, when the fire alarms went off. Thankful for your fast-reacting fireman who declared safety after a bit of investigation,

Thankful to you for giving us the opportunity to stop,

Our stay was a delight.

And the two day drive back home? It was enjoyable too.

Reading ahead for school (and rediscovering the rush of reading a book in a day), as well as enjoying knitting and gas station treats was quite fun.

But being reunited with the pups?

Rolling suitcases and "fun bags" into the kitchen?

My vacation on you was refreshing, but as our garage door went up I was thinking about one thing-- The fact that home is rather delightful too. 

Until we meet again~ Megan 

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