Friday, November 1, 2013


firsts excite
when you're a puppy
born in March
and the whole world of autumn is revealed

leaves crunch
burst with color
and sun shines on cool grass

you don't think about leaves
racing to hit the ground first
and losing their glorious perch in the tree

you delight in falling as well as rising
learning, playing
happy to meet experience

Joining the November Prompt-A-Day  at Write Alm a bit late— writing a post each day is a first for me— excited to give it a try. . .


tinuviel said...

So cute! Interesting progression of thought here. Firsts are more daunting to me than they are to your pups. Some see adventure where others see the anxious unknown.

Megan said...

Tinuviel~ Very true. The enthusiasm of the pups inspires me :)