Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Saturday evening at 4:23 found my family and me walking through Kansas City's Union Station.

We enjoyed the festive Christmas decorations there and at Crown Center, then headed to a nice restaurant for another festive occasion—my birthday :)
Dinner? Delicious. The view? Stunning.  

Dessert? Delectable. 

The experience? Truly a treat.

Happy to meet seventeen~


Lucy martin said...

Oh Dear Megan Happy Birthday!!!
Hugs and hug your Mom for me...

tinuviel said...

Happy, happy birthday! You are a lovely young lady. I apologize for not getting an email sent Sunday. You were on my mind all weekend. So glad your day was happy! May this year be full of joy and hope for you. May you come to know our Lord better and better through the good things He has planned. Happy new year as well!

Megan said...

Thank you! Will pass the hug along, Lucy :) No worries about sending an email, tinuviel, and happy new year to you, too!

TG said...

These photos are especially stunning.

And happy birthday. I can't believe you girls insist on growing up! ;-)