Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Peephole :: March

As I venture back into blogging, I'm here today to share a peek into my March. . . 

The snow gave way to green, and I admired this tree as it bravely budded despite still chill temperatures. I found the combination of cranberry, blue, and tan to look especially pretty and rather fitting for March.

Another combination that seemed oddly fitting? Three Girls at Five Guys :) My sisters and I enjoyed a bit of an adventure on our own one Saturday while my parents celebrated a friend's 50th. Fun comes in many forms. . . 

For me one of those forms is babysitting. Pictured above is Peek-a-Boo with sweet girl and Guess Who with her brothers. So thankful for the opportunity to see them grow! 

I'm also thankful for our church's orchestra in which Middle Sister plays violin. Plus, an extra practice for her meant an opportunity for me to attempt knitting in a triangular pattern (finished project coming in April. . . :) 

I enjoyed music in a whole other way upon attending a Third Day/Skillet concert with a dear friend (who happens to be a beautiful singer and an avid Third Day fan) one weekend. Superb music and company!

A homeschool winter dance the following weekend was also entertaining. What made it fun was going with girls from my ballet program (perfect group, right? :) We got ready together, danced together, and finally enjoyed IHOP together.

Now for the fun transformation of the month: The puppies are now one year old! Still high energy, still mischievous puppies, and still rather cute :) 

This, along with school and dance that managed to stay un-photographed, was my March. Soon I'll tackle April. . . 


Tali said...

Both the February and March posts are lovely, Megan! Looking forward to April's! I've missed seeing your posts. :)

So, what does Middle Sister think of playing in orchestra? I know it's one of my favorite musical things to do.

Hope to see you soon!

tinuviel said...

We have a Five Guys here too, though I've only enjoyed their burgers twice. My husband liked the in-shell peanuts.

Are you enjoying the independence and opportunity to help the family which driving provides?

You look absolutely beautiful and so grown-up in the dance photo. Glad you had a good time with your friends.

One year for the puppies? Really??!! Sigh. That last picture of them makes me grin.

Blessed May to you, dear Megan!

Megan said...

Thank you, Jessica! Middle Sister is really enjoying orchestra. It seems to be a nice contrast to other musical activities. Hope our paths do cross soon!

I am enjoying the opportunities that come with driving, tinuviel. I see why so many people do it :) Blessed May to you, too!