Sunday, July 13, 2014

day-to-day (and is it really July?)

I knew July would come
and I was okay with its arrival 
and yet I still feel like it snuck up on me.

First of all it entered (as always) with such style. . . 

flags and fireworks, clouds and croquet 
= a festive Independence Day! 

(please excuse my goofy rhyme ~ hope you had a superb July 4th :) 

Then it brought rather normal activities. . . 

A dentist appointment where I got to write a short book about my health 

Cleaning the basement and saying goodbye to our entomology board in the process 

The pups going to the groomer's and getting spiffy handkerchiefs  

My dad helping me practice filling the car with gas

Seeing A Winter's Tale at Shakespeare in the Park (not so normal, but nothing too crazy :) 

But the event that has my head spinning is the Helen Keller ballet.

There's been spinning of all sorts as preparations accelerate. This is performance month! I am incredibly excited. . . . and incredibly sentimental. Because the shows are every other year, this will be my sixth and last show. It's been such a wonderful and large part of my life! Thus, I'm trying to enjoy this final summer of dance.

{Something that added to the excitement this week was a fun little promo video an alum of the program made. It gives you an peek into the story. . .}  

Wishing you enjoyment throughout this month~


tinuviel said...

Beautiful video! Whoever designed and made the costumes did lovely work too. It gave me joy today to see you dance, even if only a glimpse. Wish I could watch from the wings. Enjoy this, dear girl. May the sweet outweigh the bitter by far. Hugs to your mom!

Megan said...

Thank you, tinuviel. I'll pass on the hug:)