Saturday, July 5, 2014

May I?

May I rewind time a bit and take a look back at May? 

I experienced my third college visit.

Run-throughs for the Helen Keller ballet began. 
I started working on my bun, amused by the curly after-effects. 

I helped with an art-themed birthday party for my favorite six-year-old triplets.

My family ate Croute Appenzel at Andre's, an almost legendary dish in our household.

We also enjoyed a slightly damp morning at an amusement park.

I fell out of a leap and experienced my first real dance injury.  

Thankfully nothing was broken, soreness and swelling stayed at a minimum, and I recovered after dancing gently a couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I baked paleo banana bread.

I reentered watercoloring.

I began ACT prep for my final time. I found these words to be rather a good differentiation on life as well as standardized tests. . .

The puppies were happy.

The colors of flowers were also happy.

The sky was magnificent.

And the road continued. . . 

1 comment:

Lucy martin said...

Hi Megan, so good to hear from you once again!!
I felt like waving to your Mom...:))
give her a hug from me:)
You are indeed a super, busy girl with so many great prospects and choices ahead of you. May God lead and guide you as you continue the road...