Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dryer Difficulties

Yesterday, at fifteen years of age, our hard working dryer quit drying. The washer of the same age has never taken a break, but the dryer has. Four years ago a bearing halted action, two years ago it was a fuse, and yesterday the thermostat quit telling the temperature.

My Dad took it to the same family-owned business as the other two times. At the dinner table he told us about the drop off, which included how a "girl with her dolly" came out to take the dryer inside. I should probably tell you that I have two little sisters, Middle Sister and Youngest Sister. Knowing that, I will let you know that they both looked bewildered at my Dad's comment.

Sophie clarified, "A little girl came out with her doll to get our dryer?" That brought a smile all around the table, and the other meaning of dolly was explained, Amelia Bedelia style. My Dad then told us that the people would call the next day to tell us the verdict.

Today we got the call that our dryer would dry again. Thus, it was fixed and my Dad was able to pick it up. It is back home in the laundry room, and we are pretty sure that it deserves the name Lazarus!

Happy drying! ~Megan

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