Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Reunion at Twelve?

The kids standing in order of age
Friends of ours are going to Kenya, Africa as missionaries for a year. The going away party at a park turned into a reunion of a former Sunday school class of my parents.

It was a fun time for everyone- as soon as us kids figured out who was who! We ate a picnic lunch of hot dogs and potato chips before before playing a confusing game of capture the flag (or rather, capture the pop can :).

When our parents' Sunday school class existed, we were babies or not yet born. There were sixteen kids in total. At times, I didn't know if kids on the playground were strangers or there for the party!

We were at the muddy park (it had rained that morning) for four hours. I came home and practically drenched my pants in stain remover! What a crazy, but fun, time! ~Megan

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