Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apple Butter Time

I know it's autumn when we get together to make apple butter with our friends the G family. We got the recipe from other friends of ours. They showed us how to make apple butter when I was in kindergarten and we have made it with the G family ever since.

We take turns with the G family on hosting the apple butter making. This year it was our turn.

With the apples bought, apple cake made, and our house in order, we eagerly await the arrival of the G family.

Before to long they are at our house, laden down with more apples, a crock pot, pizza, and cinnamon sticks. We all eat before the G boys, Middle Sister, Youngest Sister, and I head down to our basement to play a few games of Roman Soldiers (it has become a tradition- partially because all of us like it :). After a while we come back upstairs and the apple butter making begins! There are three main stations. . .

 Station 1# has people using the (creatively named :) Apple cutter corer peeler slicers. Usually our dads are over here.

These apples are then given to the people on. . .

Station 2# who chop them up. This is where us kids are normally.

The chopped up apples are then given to. . .

Station 3# where our Moms are. We typically put the apples into the crock pots but they are the ones who add in the other ingredients. All in all, it takes us about a half hour to make two crock pots full of apple butter. We are told that when we first started it took us 2 hours to make it. That was when our age range was 1-6 years old. We must have kept all of their hands full! Making apple butter with the G family is a fun fall thing and I am glad it's become a tradition.

Happy autumn! ~Megan

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