Sunday, October 11, 2009

Friday with Aunt Judy

We recently went to the Toy and Miniature Museum with my Aunt Judy. They would only let us take pictures in the entry way of the museum. Consequently, we are posing by a bear that is by no means miniature!

After looking at doll houses and tiny pieces of furniture all morning, we ate lunch at Andre's, a Swiss restaurant. Upon walking in you are greeted by a mouth-watering array of sweets! Some are little. . .

And some big. . .

All gorgeous!

I ordered Quiche Lorraine and minestrone soup.

We were all excited about dessert! Which one to choose?

Youngest Sister, Middle Sister, and Aunt Judy decided on the Dubish.

My Mom decided on a Rum Cake.

And I decided on the Stolen, a holiday dessert.

We left full and happy! ~Megan


Mary said...

My mouth is watering this very minute! Looks like fun!

christian chic said...

It all looks really good, Megan!


Kayla said...

Oh my that food looks amazing!!