Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last week my PawPaw, who taught English Literature for 30 years and is now sharing a bit with me on Thursday afternoons, gave me the assignment to write a poem about autumn. I enjoy writing poems and immediately began thinking about what kind of autumn poem I wanted to write. Before the day was over, I knew it was going be an allegory. How I was going to write that allegory remained a mystery. Thankfully, a week remained before it needed to be finished. It could wait.

Subconsciously, I had excuses for the delay. I would wait until the house was quiet. I would wait until I had more time. I would wait until I was inspired.

Unfortunately, my perfect moment never came.

Instead, the day arrived when I had to stop procrastinating and start writing. I sat at the school table in our loft and looked out the window, trying to find what I wanted to say. I sat and searched and sat some more, thinking. Slowly, my jumble of ideas worked itself out and I had my poem. Once it was all on paper, I had a wave of satisfaction rush over me. The ideas I had were no longer cluttering my mind. I had put my feelings on paper and could re-visit them when I wished. Poetry gives me this feeling. I love that.

So, here is my poem-


Why are you so happy autumn,
with the sun smiling all day?

Don't you realize winter is coming
and your wind is blowing away?

Why are you so happy autumn,
with the leaves iridescent gems?

Don't you see those leaves are dying
and will never be seen again?

Oh, autumn! Do not you yourself know?
Soon everything will be buried by the snow.

Oh, autumn! What are you trying to say?
The bank of memories is collecting you in pay.

Are you promising another spring to come?

Are you saying death is no fearful foe?

Or, are you simply sharing a secret;
enjoy each season as it goes.

Happy Autumn! ~Megan


Tisha said...

I love the poem!

Resa said...

I need a "like" button!

Megan said...

I am glad you both enjoyed it!