Monday, March 28, 2011

Reading Gratitude

Giving thanks for a week filled with words. . .

 266. A field trip to the Children's Literature Festival

The library where most of the event took place.
267. Listening to five author and/or illustrators (Henry Cole, Brad Sneed, Marsha Diane Arnold, June Rae Wood, and Sandy Asher ) share about their jobs
268. Learning about a website Sandy Asher helped start, America Writes for Kids.

269. Figuring out the most bizarre bookshelves I have ever seen

You turn the gray handles to move the shelves from side to side . . .

and create a walkway.
 270. A new book signed by Henry Cole and full of beautiful sketches

 271. Notes that allow me to remember things I would have otherwise forgotten

 272. Cleaned out closets

 273. Magazine clippings

These are a few of my favorite things. . . .
 274. Playing a song on the piano I love (but don't yet play like this)

275.Old, twisting trees

276. Going to see Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 by way of free tickets

277. (More) Surprise snow

278. A new swimsuit (now if this snow could just stop. . .)

279. Flowers peeking out of the ground

 280. Painting time

281. Lentil soup

 282. The real flowers almost always in a vase at my MeeMaw and PawPaw's house

Makes me smile

 283. Wait time put to use by drawing the wire sculpture-like thing that hung on the wall

 284. Joining goodreads, a free website that helps you keep track of the books you read (plus a bunch of other stuff I haven't figured out :)

May your week be full of encouraging words~ Megan 
Megan's bookshelf: read

I think I had better go read. . .  ~Megan


Mama Bird said...

Those bookshelves are sweet!

And I love that tree...almost creepy but still very magical. :)

(I'm here from Multitudes Monday! Nice to meet you!)

Wendy said...

Old twisting trees grab my attention every time. I can't pass one without thanking God.

And art time~ painting~ oh, yes, what a blessing!!

I love being a part of this God-prompt for thankfulness; part of the Body, all celebrating together.

Cindy in PA said...

I love that your wrote about a new swimsuit and snow in the same post. It made me laugh. Thanks for sharing your gifts!

Hannah said...

That day at the Literature Festival was tons of fun and I am so glad to have been able to go with you, Megan!

Megan said...

Mama Bird- Magical is just the word to describe that tree! Nice to meet you too!

Wendy- This time to thank God and count blessings truly is wonderful!

Cindy in PA- I'm glad the snow and swimsuit made you laugh!

Hannah- I enjoyed going to literature festival with you too! Friends make everything more fun!

Hannah said...

Hey there, Megan! I just wanted you to know that every friday, I'm going to be hosting friday findings, when all of my blogging buddies can share the things that caught their eye this week. Whether it's an old antique piece of furniture or a fun piece of jewelry, I think it would be fun to share! Feel free to check it out!

~With Love, Hannah