Saturday, March 26, 2011

Painting the Week

Before I had two sisters, I often went over to my Gramma and PopPop's house. These visits usually included watching a movie--one of my favorites was Alice in Wonderland. Inspired by Alice, my Gramma and I would get (dry) paint brushes and pretend to paint the roses on her sofa red. It worked out perfectly that her sofa actually was red.

I wonder if it's the memory of painting the roses red that drew me to this hair pin?

Though I no longer pretend to paint roses, I do paint something else. For the past few months, I have painted a summary of the week using wet paint brushes and real paint.

My water colors paints

My mom was the first to see a painted calender at Lovely World. She liked the idea and wanted our family to do something like it for 2011. We collected art supplies, divided five sheets of paper into seven sections, and painted our week. I loved this time to be creative.

As we continued painting our weeks, Middle Sister and Youngest Sister lost steam. They both enjoyed doing it a few times, but didn't like the idea of doing it for the rest of the year. 

My mom let Middle Sister and Youngest Sister go to Barbie world and, since I still enjoyed it, encouraged me to keep painting a summary of the weeks on my own.

So I got out paints and one sheet of paper. I didn't mind doing it alone. While creating I am too busy thinking to do much speaking.

I have decided to post a picture of my calender painting each week. I am hoping this accountability will help me keep painting the week a habit.

Twelve down-- forty to go

May your weeks be full of color~ Megan


Rayanne said...

Ive got to do one!! I love this idea. By the way, I said a few words about you today on my post!!

Deborah said...

Beautiful Megan!
Congrats on winning Rayannes giveaway!
Im your newest follower (purehunnybee) and that is my sweet sister beside me on your followers list xo
Cute blog!
Come and visit!

Deborah xo

Megan said...

Rayanne~ So glad this inspired you!

Deborah~ Thank you for visiting!

Jodi said...

Just splendid. And what a wonderful memory of time spent with your Grandma.