Monday, May 9, 2011

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

I went outside yesterday to pick flowers because the single carnation from my Gramma looked lonely.

I walked to the side of our house, where lilies of the valley were all hiding in their small, bell-shaped glory behind less petite green leaves. I cut off a few, then moved on to where our lilac bush sat. It was full of tiny purple flowers sending a sweet and flowery aroma into the air. Again I opened and closed my scissors to clip off just a few. I felt as though I had gained a great treasure.

This picking of flowers reminded me of my gratitude list. Both things are ways to stop and appreciate what is here right now. Both things provide an enjoyment of the most fulfilling kind. 

Continuing my gratitude list . . .

354. A vase full of flowers

355. Chocolate sheet cake 

356. Leftover icing enjoyed

357. A joint celebration of Mothers Day, Youngest Sister, my dad, and my MeeMaw's birthday with Easter dinner

358. Laughter around a full table

359. The sudden idea on Friday to make a bag to give my mom for Mothers Day. I remembered my mom liking this book cozy at On a Branch and was inspired to make something like it. Once I was digging through our thrifted wool sweaters, I decided to add a handle and some applique.

362. New haircuts

361. A kit for making a British chain from friends in England. It was very fun to do while watching the Royal Wedding (since we were out of town when the event actually took place, my grandparents taped it for us and we watched it on Friday.)

364. Seeing Inside Job last night. Learning about what exactly has happened to the economy was fascinating.

363. Time to be 

May your week bring flowers to smell~ Megan


Deborah said...

The flowers look so beautiful and gentle :)
i love your list..I am so enjoying doing it too.
That book bag is sweet to make that for your Mom!
Have a happy evening !

Deborah xoxo

Angela said...

I LOVE the bag, it is beautful. I bet she loved it!


Tara said...

The bag is beautiful, Megan. I especially love the applique. What a special gift for your mom.

Hannah said...

That bag is adorable!!! I'm sure your mom loved it, Meg. :)