Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making the Cut: 4 True Things I've Learned About Hair

1. Hair grows. It is a simple and obvious statement, but very true. My mom, sisters, and I have been growing our hair out for the last two years to give to Locks of Love, an organization where you donate atleast ten inches of your hair to help make a wig for someone without hair. Our hair was long. Really, really long.

2. Hair is easy to hide behind. I feel safer with long hair. Though, I don't realize just how attached to it I am until seated in the hairdresser's chair. This was my second time to get the long ponytail cut off for Locks of Love. The first snip is like the start of a roller coaster for me. I am actually there, doing it, and there is no turning back.

3. I am not my hair. It reminds me of the JJ Heller song True Things. Once the cut is made, I am not at all defined by my hair-- I am free.

4. Short hair is just as enjoyable as long hair. Youngest Sister could have done an advertisement for her new haircut she liked it so much --

Middle Sister was glad to have a change--

and I am loving this new freedom!

So actually, doing this helps me just as much as it helps whomever gets my ponytail. Giving seems to work like that.

May your weekend be full of true things~ Megan


Rayanne said...

You all look so beautiful!!

Brooke said...

I LOVE your haircut!!! It is adorable!! I think it makes you look older :-) Cant wait to see it!!

Hannah said...

Girl, you've inspired me to cut my hair- shorter! Love. Love. Love. Your. Haircut. (exclamation point :) I'm enjoying the freedom too, Meg! Cheers to short hair!

Mary said...

You all look SOOOO pretty! I love your new looks!

Alie said...

Megan, I am so proud of you for growing your hair so long and then cutting it short! I admire your perseverance, I couldn't have done it myself I don't think. By the way that is a fabulous picture of you. you are very photogenic!

Deborah said...

I have one of those pony tails too!
It is my daughters hair and I love it.
Her hair has such beautiful natural highlights and I am going to make a shadow box of her long hair in it.
You are such a delight!!

Deborah xoxo