Monday, June 20, 2011

Cookie Crumbs, Happy Birds, and Broken Blessings

Youngest Sister helped my mom bake bird cookies on Thursday. She stirred together flour, eggs, birdseed, and a few other ingredients in a big bowl before scooping out little balls to bake in the oven. When they were done, Youngest Sister grabbed two of them and set them beside the bird feeder. Afterwards she bounced around the house singing, "We're going to make the birds happy!"

The next morning she looked out the window and the bird cookies were just as she had left them-- uneaten. Throughout the day she continued to watch for birds to try her cookies, but there was only one that even attempted a peck. They were too timid to eat anything bigger than the usual birdseed. 

My mom noticed this predicament and had an idea. "Why don't you try crumbling the cookies?" she asked Youngest Sister, "Then the birds may have an easier time eating them." Youngest Sister did just that, and since then our backyard has turned into something of a bird sanctuary. Big blackbirds and little, gray sparrows have joined the robins that usually visit. They have snatched up the crumbs of the bird cookies and, as far as I can tell, seemed to enjoy them.  

As I continue with my gratitude list, I see this simple scenario in another instance. I see the Maker baking blessings and, knowing my narrow-mindedness, breaking the blessings. He wants me to be happy and makes me so in little, nourishing ways.

Turning my blessings into bite sized pieces. . .

449. Bird cookies

450. Happy, eating birds

451. Sleep and safety through storms

452. An early morning jog 

453. An encounter with a dog named Gabriel

454. Expanded horizons

455. A visit with good friends and a trip to their Barbie world

456. Middle Sister's dream of putting a donut hole in a donut coming true. Sort of. Unfortunately the donut's hole wasn't as big as the donut hole. Oh, the complications dreams include!

457. An afternoon with a friend who also (very conveniently) has two younger sisters

458. Cousin back safely from a mission trip

459. Hearing about her adventure

460. Home-made pretzels

461. A birthday celebration for my two boy cousins

462. Stories told every year (yes, this one never gets old :)

463. Reece's Pieces and Ande's M&M's

464. Silly faces with Photobooth

465. A dad who refills bird feeders and really is worth celebrating

466. Tea with my aunt and cousin

Happy, broken blessings to you~ Megan

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