Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Breathing in blue skies, hot temperatures, and other summer blessings. . .

459. The field across from our house full of wildflowers.

 460. A picnic.

461. My sisters and I all taking art classes

461.  Youngest Sister modeling her Monet-inspired hat and beard.

462. Middle Sister's clay Jell-o box.

463. Learning about art through another perspective.

464. Time with my cousins.

465. The kingdoms of Airespauchewan and Petitelina (made-up by my sisters, cousin, and me) fighting against the evil red and black knights.

466. This funny little creature that looks as though he would make a wonderful character in a book.

467. Imagination. 

468. My whole family creating outside.

469. Sisters holding umbrellas and running through the sprinklers.

470. Dancing to Frank Sinatra in lyrical.

471. Trying to learn the Charleston.

472. Two content birds.

473. Flowers blooming everywhere.

474. Queen Anne's Lace opening in the morning and closing in the evening. I suppose even flowers must rest.

475.  Playing freeze tag at the pool.

476. Afternoon rain.

477. Sisters confiding in me.

478. The view of a glorious sunset, even though it's behind telephone wires.

479. Remembering to flip my calendar to July on Sunday.

480. Wildflowers in abundance despite heat and no human help.

481. Spotting deer while on a walk.

482. Time face down before God (inspired by this bible study.)

483. Strengthened focus. 

484. Lunch with Gramma, PopPop, and my great-aunt.

485. My mom's cheesy potatoes.

486. Firefly catching, naming, and releasing.

487. Sisters trying Coca-Cola.

488. Youngest Sister adding a bit of Sprite to the Coca-Cola and exclaiming "I LOVE this!"

489. The BANGS! and BOOMS! and POPS! at the beginning of July

490. Watching a firework display with good friends

491. Coming back to our house for s'mores.

492. Exciting games of flashlight tag.

May you be having a lovely summer! ~Megan


Deborah said...

Love all your thankfullness!!!
This post blesses my heart sweet one!

Deborah xoxo

Hannah said...

wow- you really captured the firework exploding nicely Meg! oh and you can tell Camille that i do agree- coca cola and sprite do work well together. ;)