Saturday, July 2, 2011

Painting the Week with Doodles

This week I got to take a class about art in the real world at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. This class was very different from the watercolor one in that I learned more about the art world than the actual techniques for making art.

My teacher, Zach Houston, is a very interesting person with a limitless view on art. The first pieces of art he sold were poems on street corners. He would put up a sign offering to write a poem about any topic you chose for any price you named. People would come up to him, give him a word, and watch as he typed on his typewriter. After several minutes they would receive a finished poem and give him a donation. This fascinating concept aroused attention and he now writes poems and has his drawings on display in a temporary exhibit at the Nelson called "poemstore".

Throughout the class we got to try out typewriters and sketch in notebooks, but the main project we did was create a board comparing real life and art. We first took two pieces of paper and used fine tipped Sharpies to draw what we thought of as real life on one page and what we thought of as art on the other. After that we glued the pages on a much larger sheet of paper and tried to connect them with other drawings. Zach Houston's drawings often look like purposeful doodles, so I tried to draw with that same style.

 When I did my calendar painting for this week, I put my doodling practice to use. Fusing watercolors and pens was an interesting experiment!   

Happy creating! ~ Megan

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Hannah said...

wow- your doodles are really good! i love the way the words shape the character.