Sunday, November 20, 2011

Running to the Light

Thankful for everyday. . .   

576. fire pit fun

577. the smell of smoke lingering on my sweater

578. being huddled up in a blanket on our patio swing

579. making "acorns"

580. my mom learning she has a dairy allergy

581. problems going away with the butter, milk, and cheese

582. dairy free

583. counting 107 trick-or-treaters while handing out candy for the first time

584. transformations into Cleopatra, a gypsy, and a panda

585. chili and rice

586. a quarterly science test completed

587. finishing reading Robinson Crusoe (It was okay, but lengthy)

588. my Dutch friend teaching me Dutch things

589. Chipotle

590. watching Cars 2 with my sisters

591. Daddy home after a week away

592. a dinner of pumpkin pancakes

593. adventuring through Trader Joe's

594. Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge

595. calmed wind

Blessings~ Megan

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