Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wonder-Full World

Many years ago a door opened between this world and that which lies beyond it. 

The nut of what to do with us, His created and loved, caught in sin, was cracked.

He knew He had to send something real and wonderful to pay the price of saving us. 

He knew He had to be this something, a perfect human who could represent us just as Adam had in the very beginning, and sent us promises concerning this future hope.

Then there were 400 years of silence.

We wondered when and if He was coming.

But He had everything planned out perfectly, and sent angels to a young woman and man when His time was right. 

These two humble people were in awe of His majesty and condescension, not simply willing, but honored to be a part of His plan.

There was incredible beauty in a rough beginning. 

It was there that the light shone through the darkness, illuminating the way back to Him.

He was this light and this light was the way.

It took time for the light to push through the darkness, the life to push through the death.

But it did and lit the world.

Today, on Christmas Eve many years later, we are again waiting for the King who unlocks hearts.

We give thanks that he has come and thanks that he will come again. 

We give thanks that he is so much greater than anything we have ever known.

May you be filled with joyful wonder this Christmas~ Megan

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