Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Order is Restored

Hello again.
How are you?
I hope to visit soon.

I have felt hemmed in by craziness lately.

The last day of March found my family and I flying to California for spring break.
It was a wonderful change of pace, but filled with activity nonetheless.
We arrived home Easter night, with hundreds of pictures and memories.
I looked forward to organizing the trip into a post.

The week, however, demanded other things.
Laundry, school, visiting grandparents, dance, dentist appointment, piano, haircuts, a friend's bowling birthday party.

The weekend came and went in a whirl of catch-up.

Then this past week arrived, filled with more school, dance, and piano,
plus Youngest Sister's birthday (on which we went bowling),
an annual two-day homeschool conference my parents attend,
and my sisters and I spending time at my grandparents' house.

Did you happen to notice the two references to bowling?

I hadn't been bowling for years, then went twice in one week.
I found it humorous considering how I've been feeling like a bowling ball,
one that dropped out of the plane and into the week.
I've been struggling to gain speed, with no momentum to help.
It's one of the times I marvel at how quickly life keeps going, keeps coming up with new to do's.
Now, having had a day of rest, I am trying to give my ball a push.
I'm also trying to remember that even though order comes and goes, peace need never leave.

There is such comfort in knowing there's a peace, a piece found on Easter, that holds all things together.

Peace to you~ Megan

(p.s. vacation pictures to come. . . :)

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