Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been caught by a cold,
That laid siege to my head.
I combatted it with liquid and sleep,
But it wouldn't be held back.

I was thankful not to have
A ballet rehearsal scheduled yesterday.
However, something I had anticipated
Was on the calendar for this morning.  

Today was my ACT test date; 
A chance to learn,
An occasion to gain experience,
A time to be self-possessed.

As it doesn't require spinning,
Or running, or singing,
I awoke early this morning
To gear up for the test.

I had been studying this past week
In an official prep book.
I had learned the format and rules,
What could and couldn't be brought.

I had permitted pencils, a calculator,
I.D., and granola bar ready. 
I also grabbed tissues and a water bottle, 
Hoping they too would be allowed.

My dad made breakfast for me, 
Then drove me to the high school. 
We walked through the west doors,
And I checked in at the proper room. 

Taking a seat at my assigned desk,
I saw how things really worked.
Much more was allowed in the test room
Than my book had outlined.

Still, my dad had to be outside the door.
I wanted to stay with him as long as possible,
Though all the other kids came alone.
Some days I feel quite old, just not today.

I fingered the tissues in my pocket,
Remembered the Dad with me always.
I read the vibrant posters on the walls,
Trying to encourage learning.

I took the ACT test.
I loved the learning.
I gained knowledge for next time.
I tried to act self-possessed.

After all, the way you act
Is the way you become,
Since on the stage of life,
heart and costume will eventually be one.

Blessed acting to you~ Megan

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