Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Already Known

Humming Mandy Mapes' beautiful song. . . . giving thanks for a God who already knows and provides. . . . listing gratitude. . . .

806. sleeping in

807. the magic of story

808. art area organized

809. little ballerinas

810. spending Friday completely at home

811. orange juice

812. caring ballet teachers

813. my dad fixing me breakfast Saturday morning

814. my parents' encouragement

815. taking the ACT

816. a break halfway through the test

817. a girl who saw me going down the wrong hallway for the restroom and pointed me in the right direction

818. tissues

819. trying this Pinterest tip for naturally whiter nails (I should have taken before and after pictures- my nails look clean, but I can't decide if they look any whiter)

820. head cold leaving me

821. new music

Blessings~ Megan

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