Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Follow the Leader

Today our nation chooses a leader 
and I am reflecting on a recent assignment for my government class. 
It found me researching the Founding Father of the United States. 
Among many others, I came across the name Roger Sherman. 
A bit more reading, and I discovered 
that he is the only person to have signed all four of the nation's great state papers. 
I was surprised that I was only now reading this, 
and decided he was someone worth studying. 
An essay later and I am still in awe of the man. 
He had a thirst for knowledge, unquestionable integrity, and solid vision 
that led him from being a shoemaker's apprentice to a well respected member of Congress. 
Fisher Ames once noted, 

"If I am absent during the discussion of a subject, and consequently know not on which side to vote, I always look at Roger Sherman, for I am sure if I vote with him I shall vote right." 

Needless to say, I now view him as a leader I would gladly follow. 
I suppose, with his being a Founding Father, he's a leader I have followed. 
But I got going on this whole leader thing because of the election taking place. 
It's a big election. 
National, in fact. 
And I pray for the voting and deciding, though I can't really be a part of it yet. 
I'm only going to be included for the following of the leaders. 
And I'm hoping there are Roger Shermans on the ballots, 
as well as Roger Shermans voting, 
because probity and perspective are timeless.  

A blessed General Election Day to you~ Megan


tinuviel said...

Thoughtful piece, Megan. That name is familiar, but you know more of him than we learned in school. Thanks for the insight.

Cindy Brooks said...

Great insights...and now I am challenged to learn a little more about this founding father...thank you!