Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My sisters have become quite good at stacking cards lately.
I have found myself stacking too, though a bit differently.
I've been stacking pictures. 
Not literally, of course. 
Just gathering frozen moments onto my camera, then computer. 
This week I've been able to transform some of that stack into posts.
Simple windows onto the past month. 
I decided to publish these posts around when they happened. 
Rather crazy how you can publish in the past. 
I find this helpful for maintaining overall clarity. 
But the little trick has a downside- confusion at the present. 
So I thought I'd write this explanation. 
Thanks for your patience and hello again! 
Hope all is well with you~ Megan 

1 comment:

tinuviel said...

Thanks for the explanation. It puzzled me to see all those posts hit Google Reader at once, and reading oldest to newest gave me some chronological context. Now I understand. It's easy to let photo and ideas stack up, isn't it? Nice to have you back. That coffee shop behind ballet sounds especially delightful.

God's blessings on your weekend, Megan.