Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear Nana,

A week ago at 2:00 P.M. your breathing rattled
You lay unconscious as life and death battled

Hospice was present, helping us through
Even as we all tried to help you

Two nurses came to see you on their day off
A friend from down the hall came to hold your hand, still soft

My dad arrived after work, around 6:00, to say his good-bye
On Momma's prompting, he told you that for us he would provide

That was when your rattle left and your tongue grew big
PopPop wheeled up, and from his heart did dig

Words, strength, of our love and presence
By 6:06, in your body you were no longer present

We fell silent, lost for words or song
Gramma asked if you were gone

I passed around tissues to wipe away tears
PopPop whispered "She's not here"

My mind raced to Easter truth and listened
To be reminded of Jesus, our way to be risen

I felt love, so much love, with us all
A love so big it makes death look small

Love in the watery hugs we gave
And love that had overcome the grave

So dear great grandma who was the first to make me giggle
Who taught me to use scissors and played poke, making me wiggle

I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with you
And glad you're now in a place that makes all things new

Love, Megan

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tinuviel said...

A lovely memorial, Megan. May the Lord continue to comfort and strengthen you all in this loss. What a blessing to have known your great grandmother as long as you did.