Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hay (Bale) Fever

These beautiful blue flowers can be found very close to our house. They grow by the side of a path. If you continue on this path a small distance, you will also see hay bales.

Just follow me. . .

over the bridge,

through the field,

to the hay bale that looks the best to you. I think Youngest Sister has found hers!

Middle Sister too!

I'll go with this one!

We're not too far away from each other, but far enough for Middle Sister to not attempt to jump from one to the other :)

To get down, you simply slide off.

Yes, just like that Youngest Sister.

It is time to head back to our house (and water). Nice walking with you! ~Megan


Kim said...

So nice to spend a little time and walk with the Anderson family!

GMcEwen said...

Hey Megan!
We were inspired by the pics like these on your mom's facebook and we went to find it today to ride our bikes! We saw the hay bales and we decided to climb and takes pics too because you all made it look so much fun!

Megan said...

Hi Caitlin!
I hope the hay bales were worth the hills at the beginning of the trail! Love, Megan

Mary said...

So pretty and cool! Just like you(: