Saturday, August 15, 2009

Middle Sister, Roller Coasters, and Worlds of Fun

A couple of days ago we went to Worlds of Fun. While there, I rode my first roller coaster. I wasn't needing to go on one, but when both Middle Sister and Youngest Sister were tall enough, I seized the opportunity.
Did I like it? Not during the ride!
Did Youngest Sister like it? Yes.
Did Middle Sister like it? Definitely!

Our picture were taken while going down one of the hills. In it, my eyes are closed, my hands are gripping the bar, and my mouth is in a firm line. I am wondering how much longer these harsh turns are going to last. Middle Sister, on the other hand, has her mouth wide open in a scream. This is no ahh, I-am-so-scared-scream. This is a whoo, this-is-so-awesome-scream. When you look at Youngest Sister, she has her eyes open and looks calm. I see roller coaster rides in my future. . .
With Middle Sister's enjoyment of her first roller coaster, it will probably not surprise you that she and my Dad (or Mom) rode three others by the end of the day!

She also rode this gigantic swing. Adventurous? For sure. Afraid of heights? Not one bit.

Afraid of audience participation? Now she is!

After lunch, we made our way to Camp Snoopy--
Bedraggled and happy, we survey the map one last time.

We then walk to our car, having had Worlds of Fun :)

~ Megan


GMcEwen said...

Hey Megan! This is your MeeMaw and Caitlin. We are so glad you had a fun time with the family at Worlds of Fun! Sophie was so brave to ride the 3 roller coasters! We wish we could've seen your faces in person when you all rode the roller coaster together!
Love ya!

cinderellie said...

Looks fun! Y'all are brave. I would have been screaming on Camp Bus:)