Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Youngest Sister, Hair, and Being Wet

Several days this summer, I have done Youngest Sister's hair. By this I don't just mean putting in a headband or clip. I mean asking her what she wants, and trying to fulfill her wish.

So far all of the attempts have worked out pretty well (as far as me trying to do anything except a ponytail goes)--

Braided Buns
With nineteen bobby pins
, it was a job to take out this hairstyle. Youngest Sister went to bed with wavy hair.

Braided Loops
Goggles in hand, Youngest Sister is more than ready for me to finish the little photo opp and get to the pool :)

Still more braids! See a theme?

Tonight we are going to go to the pool with some friends. I am glad the weather is sunny!

Hmmm. . . I wonder if Youngest Sister will want her hair up. . . Maybe, she will want a certain sister to help her. . . Maybe, I should go ask. . . After all, it is fun to do. . . Where is she anyway?. . . Probably where Middle Sister is. . . Probably asking her to play. . . Are those my sweet little sisters over there playing like bear cubs?. . . I better go see. . .

Stay cool!

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Kayla said...

Her hair is sooooooooooooo cute!