Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

A couple of weeks ago we studied Marie Antoinette, wife to King Louis XVI of France in the 1700's. She had a soft heart, but was, as her brother called her, a "featherhead!" and spent a lot of money on amusing herself. I had heard that she was the one who said "Let them eat cake" after hearing that the French peasants had no bread. Though, upon looking this up, I found there is much speculation on if she was the one who said this or not. Anyway. . .

My sisters and I got it into our heads to make a chocolate sheet cake on the Friday of that week. My Mom agreed, under the condition that we do it on our own. I, being the oldest, took charge. Middle Sister and Youngest Sister willingly followed my lead, perhaps happy with whatever it took to get the cake :)

Thus, butter, cocoa powder, and water were set to a boil on the stove. Flour and some other such ingredients were combined in a bowl. And, as the butter mixture boiled over (just as I was checking on it), and the flour mixtures ingredients not completely making it into the bowl, the kitchen was made a mess.

Somehow, less than an hour after we started, an edible chocolate sheet cake (along with a new respect for our Mom!) was made. Happy eating! ~Megan