Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vacation- Magical Monday

The welcome sign is a welcome sight as we approach the Magic Kingdom. After all the driving it is hard to believe that we have reached our destination!

We get our tickets,

Hop on a tram,

And arrive just in time to see Minnie and Mickey Mouse arrive on the train.

We take a look around and choose a direction to go. Let the fun begin!

We ride rides, grab fast passes, and take a look around Minnie's House.

Middle Sister and Youngest Sister get souvenir hats-

We decide to stay for the parade and watch the castle change colors as we wait.

The lit-up floats go by-

And we go back to our hotel sleepy and happy after a fun, full day!



Mary said...

Oh, Megan!!! That looks like sooooooooooo much fun!

Mgirl said...

megan i love your blog!!! its so cool:) i am super jealous your are in disneyworld!!!!!!!:D

Hannah said...

I remember when we went and it was awesome! I hope you had fun, too!