Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacation- On The Road

This last April we went on a trip to Disney World. We were all very excited to go on rides, but before the fun could start we had to pack up and drive.

On driving day one, we stopped at Mammoth Springs-

saw some pigeons,

a waterfall,

the spring,

a dam,

a moth, and flowers.

It was all very pretty and the chance to stretch our legs alone made the stop well worth it! Day two brought palm trees

and a beach. We splashed around for awhile,

built a sand castle,

and enjoyed the warm weather. . . even though our car was sandy for the rest of the trip.

Our long drive was balanced quite nicely by our stops and through out it all there was the bubbling excitement and anticipation of Disney World. More on that to come :) ~Megan


Brooke said...

Looks like fun! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures :)

Rachel Micaiah Lopez said...

ohh the joys of sandy cars :) i know just what you mean! i must apologize megan, i think i might have overfed your little fish...:)

Megan said...

Don't worry about the fish. . . If they can handle Sophie and Camille they can handle anybody :)

Rachel Micaiah Lopez said...

haha that's good :)