Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Cleaning

Around here Friday is eagerly awaited-- the weekend is almost here and the house is clean! The only problem is that I don't particularly enjoy the cleaning part of a clean house. Due to this, I have a routine to make the process as enjoyable as the result.

I first put my hair up. Can't have it falling into anything!

I then turn on our "Happy Music" playlist. Nothing like some peppy songs to brighten the mood!

I then start cleaning my mirrors and wait for Middle Sister and Youngest Sister to hear the music. Before long, I know I 'll have company!

Here they are. Let the dancing begin!

Somehow, cleaning has turned into a kind of party! ~Megan


Brooke said...

Love the Gregor the Overlander... :) hehe!

Megan said...

Me too :)