Saturday, October 23, 2010


A couple of months ago, I was inspired by a display at our local Anthropologie. It had little squares of paper stapled together into a kind of cloth, and then draped over a table. I could do that! I thought, We always have staples and paper! So, while I was listening to a book on CD, I took advantage of the time to putter and went about making my own staple "cloth." I first tried cutting out squares from magazines and found that they were a little too delicate.

After that, I tried cutting out squares from old calendars. This worked much better (though, I still used a LOT of staples trying to get the squares to stay in the shape I wanted.)

Six hours later and I ended up with a my own stapled cloth and a bookclub book read (who cares if the only table my cloth could grace would have to be 6" by 7" :) ~Megan

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