Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Toothless Tooth Fairy Gets a Bag

In the last month Youngest Sister has lost both of her front teeth. This has led to talk of the Tooth Fairy and then to Youngest Sister deciding that she wants to dress up as the Tooth Fairy for Halloween. After deciding this, Youngest Sister found that we have a pink, sparkly dress and pink, sparkly wings. What we didn't have was a pink, sparkly bag, so I set about to make one. First, I collected supplies and had Youngest Sister draw a good tooth shape for me.

After that, I spread my stuff out on the table and went about sewing a "tooth."

Then I used my pink, sparkly yarn to sew the word "Teeth" on a piece of pink felt.

After that, I sewed the pink felt onto a sparkly, white fabric.

Finally, I sewed the sparkly, white material onto the bag and added some handles made out of the same sparkly, white material.

Voila! A bag fit for the Tooth Fairy!



Brooke said...

It's really cute, Megan! I love how it's shaped in a tooth shape and it also has the word 'teeth' on it! Can't wait for pictures of her final outfit :)

Hannah said...

So cute, Meg! ~Hannah

Hannah said...

Oh, and such an awesome picture of the pink yarn! Love it!!! ~Hannah

Megan said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed imagining what a tooth bag would look like!