Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Breath of Thanks

When I was three, I desperately wanted a sister. I would kneel down night after night and tell God in great detail about the sister I wanted. I loved my Mom's blue eyes and decided that, even though I couldn't have them, my sister could. My sister was also going to have blonde hair. I wasn't as upset about my brown hair as I was about my brown eyes, but why not give my sister a different look?

A few months later, we found out that my Mom was going to have a baby. I was elated. My sister was on the way! Though, I was reminded that I might get a baby brother and that would be good too. Baby brothers are great and all, but I had asked for a baby sister. God knew.

Two weeks after my fourth birthday, my baby sister was born. She had blue eyes and blonde hair, just like I wanted. My name selections were not chosen, at the time I did not understand why Pretty Smelly Flower did not win the name race, but all was well. Middle Sister had arrived.

Two years later my Mom had another baby girl. I now had not one but TWO blonde-haired sisters. Despite the blonde hair, my new little sister wasn't exactly like Middle Sister. Youngest Sister had brown eyes, like my Dad and me. This was good. It would have been weird to be the only girl with brown in my family. Besides, I hadn't prayed for another Middle Sister. Youngest Sister was icing on the cake.

During this time of the year, catalogs come in the mail filled with the "latest and greatest." Society encourages to make a Christmas list with anything that comes in those pages. All the items are shiny and have smiling people around them. We want to be happy like those people. We begin to think that if we had a particular item, we would be happy too. But if we visit the store to look more closely something, the smiling people are no where to be seen. We are surrounded with people too busy buying to smile.

The purpose of a gift is to make the receiver, and therefore the giver, happy. But Christmas lists antagonize something very important to happiness. Contentment is lost.

In very sneaky ways, prayer can become like a Christmas list. I find myself going from one request to the next without stopping for a breath of thanks. God knew that we need to breathe, just like he knew I wanted as sister. God went above and beyond knowing. God gave- to us all a whole holiday dedicated to breathes of thanks and to me two sisters.

Breathing thanks seems like a worthwhile thing to do, so I have decided to join the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience in the hope of doing it more. Every Monday I will post things for which I am thankful. Here goes. . .

1. Warm Beds on cool nights
2. My two little blonde-headed sisters
3. My Mom and Dad
4. Dental appointments—here and gone!
5. Sweaters and the weather that allows them
6. The clicking of bamboo knitting needles
7. Family
8. Books to explore
9. Colors
10. The quiet of sisters sound asleep
11. Puffs of breath in cold air
12. Laughter
13. A dance program where all glory goes to God
14. Music
15. Skirts that twirl
16. Things that sparkle
17. Beeping alarms quieted
18. Anticipation
19. Thanksgiving break
20. Friends-- in and out of the blogging world

holy experience

Happy Thanksgiving week! ~Megan


Christin said...

Welcome to the Gratitude Community, Megan :) I am fairly new as well.

That is interesting you mention you prayed for a sister and God heard you.

My daughter did this 3 Christmases ago. Asked for a baby sister. I got pregnant that December and had her first sister just a month after her birthday! God hears us!
She has also since gained a brother (her third brother). His blessings are abundant, no? :)

Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us. I love the parallel you made with the Christmas list and our prayer "lists". It is easy to get caught up in all the things we want from God, isn't it? Thank you for that reminder. I know I need it.

Megan said...

Thanks for the warm welcome! I enjoyed hearing about you daughter's similar prayer.

contented sparrow said...

Yes, Megan, welcome to the opening of your eyes to His everyday gifts. Really all is gift if we choose to see.
Blessed to be on this journey of thanks with you,
Megan (hee, twins) :)

Susan said...

Hi Megan, Thank you for sharing your list. I love skirts that twirl, too, and try to wear them frequently. Your blog is delightful! Blessings to you and your family! Susan

Megan said...

Thank you, Megan and Susan, for the encouragement!