Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Adam

A few years ago, Sophie and Camille were inspired by the name Christmas Eve.  Since it's the day before Christmas they decided that the day before Christmas Eve must be called Christmas Adam and it has been called that ever since.  

This year Sophie, Camille, my Mom, and I spent the afternoon of Christmas Adam with my MeeMaw, Aunt Judy, Aunt Laura, and cousin Caitlin.  First, thanks to reservations made by Aunt Judy (who we did this with last year, just on a different day), we enjoyed lunch at Andre's.

Even the napkin is cute! 
The full table

Which tea to choose? 
A peek at the counter
The holly outside-- quite felicitous this time of year

After lunch, we went off to enjoy the Toy and Miniature Museum. 

 Pictures are not allowed inside, so I took a picture of a dollhouse in the brochure outside.

Later that night, after getting back from our outing, Sophie, Camille, my Mom, my Dad, and I played dominoes. 
I lost by a long shot and would like to think it is proof that I don't play dominoes very often.  Camille, however, doesn't play dominoes very often either and still won.  That annoying double 9!   

And before going to bed, I got my gifts wrapped (one of the things I was going to do on Saturday.) 
 I hope you too had a merry Christmas Adam!  ~Megan

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Hannah said...

I did! I hope you had a merry Christmas Adam too, Megan! ~HM