Saturday, January 22, 2011

Multitudes of Things

This morning I realized two things. The first is that it's Saturday and I still haven't done a Multitude Monday post. The second is that I have twenty-two notebooks.

Though different, these two things left me amazed at how little things add up-- for good and for bad.

Only three out of all those notebooks are filled. Nine of them are completely empty. I didn't notice the amount of notebooks because they were all scattered around my closet. It was only when I gathered them together that the truth became known.

I thank God for my food and other things as they happen. The blessings are scattered around my life. But, because they're scattered, I forget about all I have. Participating in Multitude Monday has helped me to gather up my blessings.

The question still remains-- Why didn't I count my blessings on Monday? Could it be that I was too busy counting other things? Am I so overwhelmed with material things that there is no room to be overwhelmed with blessings? Here is yet another time I need grace. Always grace

 I have started making a pile with books and other things that are only cluttering my closet. Once finished, I am hoping those things add up to multitudes. Perhaps then I will be overwhelmed by the right things. 

The right things, meaning the things of the heart.  

Giving thanks despite being a bit behind schedule. . . 

131. Snow days (even though homeschooling happens regardless of the weather)

132 Ice wreaths in the winter sunshine

133. Getting to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

134. Creative cooking

135. Warm Chocolate Puddings made with left over candy from Halloween candy due to a shortage of chocolate chips

136. Snow ice cream

137. Waking up to an alarm playing music-- not beeping

138. Waking up and having time to read

139. Opening eyes 

140. Routines



hans said...

You have inspired me to start doing Multitude Mondays also, Megan! Thank you for sharing!

Hannah said...

Oops! So sorry, Megan! I accidently sent you that comment signed in as Hans! Hey, i forgot to tell you this afternoon at dance that i have a second blog with my Multitude Monday posts. the address to my new blog is:

See you wednesday! ~Hannah

Megan said...

Hi Hannah! I'm so glad you're doing Multitude Monday too :) Thanks for sharing about your new blog!