Monday, January 31, 2011

Reflecting with Thanks

 Remembering the week with eyes of gratitude. . .

156. God's sense of humor

157. New pointe shoes

158. Sewing kits

159. Growing flexibility

160. Foggy days

161. Movie nights

162. Popcorn

163. Shadows

164. My Nana's condo sold

165. My Nana's garage cleaned

166. Dancing fingers

165. New songs

167. Snowy woods

161. Youngest Sister's prayer that the weather won't decide to snow more 

170. Blue sky



Hannah said...

I am so glad you got new pointe shoes, Megan! They look so pretty! And I love the picture you took of the foggy day!

Kayla said...

Beautiful pictures Megan!


Megan said...

I am excited to have new pointe shoes Hannah! Though, with all the snow we're getting today, I doubt I'll be wearing them tomorrow :)

I am glad you liked the pictures Kayla!