Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts Like Doors

A picture I drew in 2nd or 3rd grade

 186. Poems tucked away-- in both the basement and my memory 

187. Pink treats for a friend's fun movie party 

 188. Dripping chocolate

 189. Mom's wisdom when the brownies cooked too long

190. Mom's wisdom in general


191. A delightful book. Youngest Sister was the first to hear it and Middle Sister read it next. They seem to revel in asking me what part I'm at and then looking at each other and mysteriously saying that I haven't come to the big secret yet. After that they laugh and tell me they're teasing. I know they are but I still wonder. . .

192. Movies to curl up with on cold nights

193. Playing with cute little girls and boys somewhere in between being babies and toddlers in the nursery at our church

194. Two round blue eyes of one little girl looking into mine. Too small for speaking, she sat peacefully on my hip and we traveled around the room. I would ask if something looked fun to play and she would simply shake her head. Content.

195. Quiet confidence more effective in opening (my) heart than any words

Happy Valentine's Day! ~Megan


P31 Mom said...

I love your list and your photography! Beautiful!

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s today.

Your pictures are magnificent!

My favorite from your thankful list is this one … 190. Mom's wisdom in general (and one day your babies will say this of you :)

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

God Bless and Keep you and your family

Constance said...

Your list is wonderful and I love your pictures!

Megan said...

Thank you all for visiting!

Stephani said...

So enjoyed your post and the pictures are wonderful! I want some of those pink treats!

Tea Girl said...

Beautiful pictures. Love your artwork on the poem:)

Megan said...

Stephani~ I'm glad you liked the pink treats!

Tea Girl~ My teacher has always been good at bringing art into school :)

hannah said...

hey, meg! your cupcakes were delicious!!! (and SOOO pretty!) i am so glad you were able to come to my party!