Monday, February 7, 2011

Journey to "I Do"

This weekend my mom, dad, sisters, and I traveled across our state to attend a wedding. While in the area we were able to see friends and visit a magical children's museum.  

Sharing a little bit about the weekend by way of my gratitude list. . .

171. Driving trips 

172. Clear roads

173. Bridges

174. Frozen rivers 

 175. Window balconies

176. Old houses. . .

177. Turned into more

178. Kaleidoscopes

179. Whimsical staircases

180. "Real" pretend stores

181. Silhouettes

182. Moving sculptures

183. Playing "Spoons" but using straws instead

184. Not-too-wrinkled outfits

185. Joyful occasions

May your week be full of joy~ Megan


Angela said...

Thank you for sharing your travels via pictures! I'm on my way to visit my parents now. They're moving. We live 80 miles away, it's good and it's bad, but I can't wait to see them. The distance is "bad" today 'cause I'm doing the driving. On the other hand, when my husband is driving it's "good."

Mama Bird said...

I looove that staircase! So neat!

Megan said...

Angela~ I hope your trip is all "good"!

Mama Bird~ Glad you liked the staircase!

Jennifer said...

Now I don't have to imagine the pictures to your mama's lovely words. So nice, Megan :)

Craig said...

I’m visiting from Ann’s today.

Your pictures are stunning. You have a true gift.

My fave from your gratitude list:
179. Whimsical staircases

Thank you for sharing these

God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.

Angela said...

Thank you mamabird and Megan :)