Sunday, January 1, 2012

All, This Year

Last January was the first time I named my year.
I chose the word grace.
It easily applied to whatever I did.
It guided me through many new experiences.
How should I go about anything and everything?
With grace.

I enjoyed having this word.
I knew I wanted to name my year again.
As 2011 drew to a close, I began to think and pray about a new word.
The one that came to my mind was all.

I wondered about it.
All is very different from grace.
It is much harder to define.
It was not something I wanted to be.
Yet I continued to hear it.
Hear it until I knew.


My word for the year is all.
I am curious about what it will come to mean to me.
Until then I will have to simply give it my all.

If you chose a word for this year, I would love to hear it. Blessings~ Megan


Tara said...

Megan, reading your words I can't help but think of your mother's words. "All" can mean so much, especially at the beginning of a new year. Inspired by you and your mother, I will have to find my word for this year. Beautiful paintings.

Jennifer said...

Interesting word, Miss Megan. You have me thinking about it now :) Can't wait to see how He uses it to teach and lead you this year!

Megan said...

Tara~ I will look forward to hearing your word.

Jennifer~ It'll be fun to see how each of our years unfold!

Rayanne said...

Thanks Megan for stopping by! Love your post, I used to do that very the year! I also gave it a color( guessing the artist in me).
Thanks for the reminder, I can't believe I just stopped doing that. I'm starting again!