Friday, October 18, 2013

saying hello to autumn

September seemed to slip away and now October is following suit, trying to disappear around the bend. Autumn has definitely arrived, along with long pants, sweaters, grandparents transitioning to an assisted living facility, school in full swing, and news of our dance program's ballet next summer (to be continued. . . :). Here's a peek at the things capturing the attention of my camera (or rather, phone- having fun welcoming them to this bigger screen, despite the lapses in quality). . . 

Hope you are having a lovely autumn!


tinuviel said...

How those puppies have grown! They look nearly Ebony's size now. Good job on the cowl! It looks lovely on you. My needles have been resting for some time, but I have a project on a crochet hook near the halfway point. (My grandmother just transitioned to an assisted living facility too, but I didn't have any responsibility to help with that move. Still, it's an emotional change for the family.)

Much joy to you, M, as you chase the rest of October before it vanishes around that bend.

Megan said...

We are amazed at the puppies' growth! I understand having quiet needles- hope to get to see your crochet project . Interesting how emotional changes are just are real as physical ones, isn't it? Much joy to you as well.